Our Cotton

The fabric of our lives

Cotton has been around for thousands years and is the world’s most commonly used natural fiber, despite new trendy materials and artificial alternatives. 

After seeing fabric samples from all around the world, nothing could match the softness and durability of Peruvian organic cotton. Along with exceptional craftsmanship and tradition carried over centuries, Peru ticked all the boxes for us.  

We strictly use only 100% organic cotton, which is completely hand-picked to preserve the purity of every fibre and avoid any fibre damage at the process. Thanks to hand-picking the cotton fibres retain the superior fibre quality and final fabric feels much softer, is hypoallergenic and much more durable.

Peruvian pima

Just like coffee or wine, the quality of cotton varies greatly. Thanks to ideal growing conditions in the sunny coastal valleys of northern Peru, hand harvesting and extra-long staples, Peruvian Pima cotton is the world’s finest.

Prized for its unparalleled softness, great durability and brilliant shine, it's a perfect choice for everyday apparel that will stay wearable for years to come. 

Pima cotton also resists fading, wrinkling, and pilling. Yes, we are talking about ‘bobbles’ - those tiny balls of tangled fibre that will typically start to appear on clothing after couple of weeks or months. In contrast, pima cotton hardly ever pills...

Pakucho (pack-oo-cho)

Pakucho is an eco-friendly, fair trade organic cotton and it comes from the ancient Incan word for 'brown cotton'. These cottons are naturally pigmented, which means they actually grow in these colours, so there's no dye at all. How good is that?